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In ERIS ENGINEERING S.L. we use cookies with the aim to provide a better sevice and browse experience. We want to inform in a clear and accurate way about the cookies we use, clearing up what is a cookie, what it is used for, what kind of cookies we use, which is its function and how you can configurate or desable if you wish.

A «cookie» is small file to be stored in the user computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device with information for navigation. The «cookies » of our users help us to improve the quality of our web, allowing us to monitor what websites are useful and not and which of them are subject to improve. The «cookies»  are essential for the proper Internet operation, giving large number of advantages in the interactive services, making easier the browse and usage of our website. In  no case the «cookies» may damage your equipment, on the contrary, if they are active, help us to identify and solve errors

What types of cookies  can we find? 

According to the entity who manages
• First part cookies: those we send to your device from our own equipments or domain and where we provide the service you require
• Third part cookies: those that are send to your device from other equiment or domain not managed by us, but by other cooperation entity, as for instance, those used by social networks, or external content like Google Maps

•Session Cookies: temporal cookies remain in the cookies file of your browser till you leave the website, so, no one keeps registered in your computer. The information gathered through these cookies is used to analyze the pattern of the traffic in the web. In a long term, this allows us to priovide a better experience to improve the content and make the usage easier
•Permanent Cookies: are stored in the hardisk and our web read them any time you make a new visit. A permanent one has an expiration date. The cookie will stop working after this date. Those cookies are normally used to make an easy service of purchasing and register.

•Techical cookies: needed fo perform navigation and proper function of our website. They allow, for instance, control the traffic and data communication, access to restricted areas, carry out purchasing and order processing, use security elements, store contents to allow video broadcast or share contents through social networks
•Customizing cookies: those which allow service access with predefined characteristics according to different criteria, like for instance, language, type of browser used to access the service, regional configuration where service is requested, …
•Analytics cookies: those that allow us measure number of users and then make a proper statistic análisis of the usage our visitors made of our offered services. In that way, we carry out analysis in our website to improve or products and services offered range
•Advertisement cookies: those that allow us the management, in the most effcicient way, of our advertisement spaces to be included in our website
•Advertisement behaviour cookies: those coockies store information of the user´s behaviour taken from continous observation. Thanks to this, we might know navigation habits and show advertisement linked to your navigation profile 

You can allow, block or delete the cookies stored in your device in the configuration options of your Internet browser. If you do not allow to store cookies in your browser it is posible you might not access to some services and then your experience in our website would be less satisfactory. In the next links you have available all the information to configurate or desable your coockies in each computer: 

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• Internet Explorer
• Safari
• Safari para IOS •( iPhone and iPad )
• Chrome for Android


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