Eris Engineering

Since I got the age of reason, I have a very clear and defined image of what is the Army and, and then, how are the Army persons; this is, ultimately,  a faithful reflection  of the actions done by them. In this scope, I consider myself a very fortunate person becasuse I could be supported by a father who was my reference, not only as person but also as what a military should be, and the values that should represent and the cause to be served.
Life has been going on ( perhaps faster than we would like), and although I thought I would live the Army inside, the destiny leads me different, linked to it but a a slight different way. In this way, and for quite some time, I was part, as engineer, of the defense industry, working in the development of equipments and systems to take care of the most important asset the Army has: the soldier
And I have to say, that with its lights and shadows, this industry is probably one of the most prolific and amazing we can ever find, not only for the transversality of sectors but also for the dual approach  with the civil world, very often , where in huge number of cases it  is posible to implement the progress and improvements arisen from the military enviroment.

Today, nobody doubts when we speak about defense we speak of a priority and strategic sector, to play a very important role in the next years, and mostly as consequence of the big programs sponsored by the Goverment of Spain , in which the Ministery on Industry, Commerce and Turism has an active participation.
If we map the sector, within the domestic national scope, the defense industry is leaded by a small number of companies with capabilities of desing, developping and production of complete systems.

Coexisting with those companies and giving support, there is a network of small companies, more flexible an dinamic, specialized in desing, development and/ or production of different subsystems to be incorporated to the supply chain of the first group companies for further integration.

In this scope, and with the clear commitment to create value in a key and reference sector for the economic recovey and with the willingness to serve to those who every day take care of our security and safe our interests, Eris Engineering is born, an Enineeering company  specialist in design and development of subsystems to deliver  those big companies.

As CEO and on behalf of all the team working for ERIS, I would like to thank to all who has trust on us and also those who will do it in the future, your satisfaction is our priority and our commitment.

Javier Robles Machín / CEO